With E-Lock, the intelligent charging plug lock for e-vehicles, plug-in hybrid models and charging stations, Marquardt is bringing a modular system to market that works for all vehicle charging plug. The high-end gear is not only very quiet and durable, but thanks to the integrated resistance measurement, it can also detect up to five different positions of the lock bolt. E-Lock has a modular design tailored to any functional scope and can easily be integrated into all e-vehicles and charging stations.

    Better safe than sorry

    E-Lock makes the charging process particularly safe in the age of e-mobility. For example, this is guaranteed through a more precise position detection, a locking system PIN and a 5-position deadbolt detection with a self-check function. 
The detection of up to five lock bolt positions also allows incorrect positions caused by the likes of dirt, ice, or deformation to be avoided. In addition, the system has a mechanical emergency release.

    Simply flexible

    The modular design of the E-Lock product platform allows for specific adjustments to the requirements of different vehicle manufacturers. This concerns both the functional scope as well as the integration into the vehicle. The flexible interface allows for an easy adaptation to all charging plugs available on the market.

    Sturdy and reliable

    The electromechanical charging plug lock E-Lock has high-quality actuators that are used to achieve a reliable lock. The system is tamper-proof and offers a high degree of anti-theft protection. The high and swell-resistant quality of the plastic gives the charging plug lock a permanent durability and stability. Up to 100,000 locking cycles can be achieved – 60,000 of them are guaranteed. E-Lock also impresses with its advanced sound design with a low noise level.

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    • Modular, scalable platform
    • For electric vehicles and charging stations
    • Durable system with up to 100,000 locking cycles
    • Detection of a wide range of states
    Download Data Sheet E-Lock (717 KB, PDF)

    Marquardt is a core member of the CharIN Association, which sets the global standard for charging vehicles of all kinds.

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    Safe Charging with E-Lock

    Smart charging plug lock for electric vehicles and charging stations: Marquardt has developed a new locking system – the e-lock – that improves the safe charging process for vehicles with an electric or plug-in hybrid drive. Noticeably quieter, smaller, and more stable, the charging plug lock from the mechatronics specialist adds value and safety to drivers during the charging process.

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