Operating components

    Steering wheel switch

    • Low installation depth
    • Various switching systems possible
    • Haptic feedback
    • Capacitive sensors
    • Optical finger navigation
    • Display can be integrated

    Control panel

    • High-quality chrome surfaces
    • Qualitative symbol illumination

    Gear selection switch

    • Shift-by-wire solution for the greatest design freedom
    • In-mold labeling technology for sophisticated surfaces
    • Complex force curve possible
    • Motors and solenoids for active haptic

    Display switch

    • High-resolution display integrated in smallest installation space
    • Animated image sequences flicker-free displayable
    • Black panel effect
    • High-quality surfaces in high-gloss black and chrome


    • Closed and scratch-resistant surface with capacitive sensors
    • Text and gesture recognition
    • Haptic feedback

    Control panel

    • Paint and piano black finish technology
    • Flexible capacitive solution
    • Capacitive chrome capability

    Seat control panel

    • Highly integrated switch module
    • Capacitive button for memory module
    • Module with disappearance effect of symbols
    • Rotary actuator module
    • Sensor modules up to six directions
    • Film back injection and high-gloss surfaces


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