Short-lift key

    • Low height
    • Versions with built-in LED
    • Excellent haptics due to distinctive pressure point
    • Different color and operating force versions
    • Extremely large actuating surface
    • Convenient operating characteristics due to clearly noticeable pressure point

    Snap-action switch

    • With dust and water protection IP 67
    • Built-in separating aid for contact welding
    • Possible with cable assembly
    • Broad switch capacity spectrum

    Snap-action switch

    • Compact design with dust- and water-protected switching system
    • Lamp load up to 30 W
    • Push-button guide enables an approach angle of 40°
    • Large selection of connections, auxiliary actuators and mounting types

    Micro-signal switch

    • For signal currents
    • Self-cleaning, redundant contact system with double contact
    • Noiseless switching system with large overtravel
    • Versions with centre 0 position, cable assembly or diagnostic capability
    • With dust and water protection IP 67


    • Insertion of own developed snap and micro signal switches
    • Electro component carriers


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