Dynamic Light

    Dynamic Light

    Communicative ambient lighting from Marquardt


    Marquardt Interior lighting systems create atmospheric vehicle interiors where people feel at ease while on the road. Colors and dynamic effects can be configured in a wide variety of individual ways to promote relaxation and wellbeing.

    Marquardt Dynamic Light is much more than ambient lighting, however: individually integrated into your vehicle control concept, Dynamic Light provides visual feedback to inform you of incoming calls or warn you of hazardous situations.
    Lighting atmosphere and discreet functional display are thus combined to form a fascinating overall experience.

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    Dynamic Light at a glance.

    • Ambient lighting with high brightness, homogeneity, and gentle animations

    • Full flexibility for colors and color gradients

    • Intuitive HMI component for communication and simple integration into your system architecture

    • Rapid realization of individual application scenarios

    Designing with light

    Light is more than just the brightness we need to perceive our environment. Light can calm us, trigger emotions, or give us a warning. This makes light a key factor in interior design in particular. With the Dynamic Light components from Marquardt, your design options are practically unlimited. Individually controlled LEDs, in conjunction with optical waveguides and diffusers, enable homogeneous color rendering, soft light gradients, or high-contrast light borders. The high level of mechanical flexibility and the optional use of individual 3D shapes enable optimum form integration.

    Communicative ambient lighting

    The perfect ambient lighting should provide relaxation without neglecting aspects of safety. The Marquardt solution supports the system with special light colors and dynamic animation sequences and becomes an intuitive HMI component as a module in your vehicle’s control concept. The system visualizes communication with the onboard assistant, signals calls and messages, or supports in the use of media. In conjunction with the vehicle’s sensors, visual warnings can be given of insufficient clearance or dangerous driving situations. The system is also well-equipped for the future: various types of visual feedback support autonomous driving.

    Flexible system architecture

    Dynamic Light is based on a flexible system architecture that makes it especially easy to realize your individual application scenarios. The system supports all relevant interfaces and can be easily integrated into your platforms. Solutions for cybersecurity and ASIL classification are also already in place. Thanks to variable components such as LED spacing, light power, module geometry, and the length of the modules, a wide range of flexible product solutions are available.

    Dynamic Light

    • Individually controllable LEDs
    • Almost any color can be displayed
    • Light as a function: Intelligent comfort and safety functions
    • Static and dynamic ambient lighting such as running lights
    • Dynamic adaptation in several areas of the car interior



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