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    Endurance test passed

    New off-road-control panels are as tough as they are flexible


    Flexible and well-designed: The Series 3583 central control Unit allows the customer to choose between a screen-based menu control and quick key access.

    Rietheim-Weilheim, November 2019. Off-road enthusiasts know that the rougher the terrain, the more stable and reliable the material and technology must be. Innovative mechatronics specialist, Marquardt, has developed new control units robust enough to withstand any endurance test. These components are highly sought from manufacturers in a wide-range of industries, as they can be easily integrated into agricultural and construction machinery, commercial and leisure vehicles, electric vehicles, and boats. 

    Additionally, municipal vehicles, such as snow ploughs, street cleaning equipment or Unimogs, all benefit from the technology as do excavators, shovel loaders, cranes or other equipment used for material handling. In addition, the globally positioned family enterprise adapts its products to specific customer requirements in terms of functionality and design. This provides manufacturers and mechanical engineers with specific, tailor-made solutions.

    One platform, unlimited possibilities

    High flexibility is evident in the series 3583 central control unit (CCU). The CCU allows for a screen-based menu control. The rotary pushbutton has a four-way tilt function that gives quick access to surrounding keys, allowing the user to jump to the corresponding menu item. Especially advantageous for vehicle manufacturers: The CCU is produced on a platform. This saves on costs for manufacturers and also allows the operating concept, key design and functions to be adapted to customer requirements accordingly.

    Individualized symbol lighting

    Lighting concepts are user-definable. The colored RGB lighting, with LEDs surrounding the rotary pushbutton of the central control unit can be matched to the customer’s corporate design.  It is also possible to change the color if the status changes. The CCU has a high degree of protection. This ensures that every variation of the operating concept has the safety and durability that Marquardt customers can expect from an off-road product – in every terrain.

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