Collage with pictures of Outdoor Power Tools. You can see various lawn mowers, a leaf blower and a hedge trimmer.

    As a leading supplier we drive the
    evolving outdoor power equipment market


    More consumers are “cutting the cord” in their desire for connected, cleaner-operating cordless power, lawn and garden tools. With that desire comes the same expectation for the highly intuitive, ergonomic and responsive user experiences that drive the wider consumer goods market.

    Providing brand-worthy user experiences means reliable access to the necessary components—from IP67 waterproof switches and sensors to innovative, future-forward solutions customized to your specific needs.

    The changes in consumer expectations are not a trend. They are an unstoppable evolution. Together we can meet the challenge. Tap into our adjacent market interactive mechatronics experience and define what’s next for your outdoor power equipment portfolio.


    The picture shows a graphic depicting Marquardt's product portfolio in the outdoor power equipment market: electronics, software components, sensor technology or connectivity are the keywords; in addition to power tools, the offroad and cleaning sectors are also served. An overview of all control elements and components from Marquardt for the outdoor power equipment market. There is a matching picture for each. The categories are: HMI, Sensors, Lighting, Display, Switches, Motor Control, Connectivity and Electrification.


    Product photo of the Marquardt start/stop switch for outdoor power tools and garden equipment.


    • With its perfect grip, stepless speed control and robust, long-life reliability, the series 2723 Potentiometer Switch answers the industry trend toward more refined ergonomic design
    • Multiple Start / Stop switches and triggers are available now, or we can customize to your exact specifications for safe, precise and reliable operation
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    Product image of a Rotary Module for Outdoor Power Equipment by Marquardt.


    • Programmable controls pack convenience, haptic and visual response into a rugged, robust package to create a smarter and more intuitive and reliable HMI-driven user experience
    • Backlighting and LED indicators provide “at-a-glance” status, providing maximum functionality operational safety
    • Easy customization for a wide range of outdoor equipment applications
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    Product Image of BLDC control with integrated battery monitoring.

    Brushless Direct Current (BLDC) Motor Controls

    • Fewer wires, smaller spaces and lower costs—get them all with Marquardt brushless direct current motor controls
    • Achieve the highest levels of safety and reliability with a flexible, rugged design
    • Integrate with various interfaces like HMIs and LEDs to create a more precise, intuitive consumer experience
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    Superior Sensor Solution (S3) Technology

    • With up to six sensors, our S3 Technology is smart enough to distinguish human touch in challenging wet or icy conditions
    • Reliable Operation via touch and gesture, it’s a Marquardt exclusive, ready for the outdoor power equipment market
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