[Translate to EN:] Produktfoto des Mikrosignalschalters 1025 (Sealed Connector Switch) von Marquardt.

    Sealed Connector Switch 1025

    The new microsignal switch that saves space, work and money.

    Microswitch 1025

    As a leading provider of innovative switch solutions, we have been a supplier to the automotive industry and other sectors for decades. Our 1065 series microswitch has set standards. Now we are taking the next step: The Sealed Connector Switch 1025 is even smaller, even more compact and thus even easier and safer to integrate.

    The microswitch detects mechanical positions and opens the way for this information to enter the electrical circuit and thus also to the control unit: It can thus be used as a helper in door locks, trunk lids, engine hoods, convertible roofs or seat adjustments of vehicles, but also in power tools or household appliances. 


    We switch your production effort down.

    Always in tight contact

    The innovative contact seal with dust and water protection (IP 67) ensures robustness. With 200,000 switching cycles (5-14 V DC, 1-10 mA), the Switch 1025 has an above-average service life. Diagnostic-capable versions are available.

    The smallest is the biggest

    50 % less space consumption compared to conventional models. The compact design of the switch makes it even easier to integrate into locks or other systems.

    Simple installation, lean costs

    The connection to the circuit is made inside the housing, no additional potting is necessary. This means: fewer processes during installation and reduced costs for manufacturers.

    Circuit carrier tailored to your needs.

    What is the best way to mount a microswitch or link it with other components? To ensure that all electronic components have their secure place, we not only offer a standardized single switch.

    Much more, the 1025 microswitch is also available in combination with our Electronic Component Carrier (ECC).  This circuit carrier is adapted to customer-specific requirements. For example, the switching point can be freely determined. In addition, a customer can implement several switches or even mechanical functions in the ECC.

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