Power tool switches

    AC mechatronic switch for large angle grinders

    • Bipolar contact system for safe switch-off
    • Integrated full wave electronics (micro controller)
    • Restart protection through zero voltage detection
    • For devices with an input power of up to 2.7 kW
    • Overload and blocking protection
    • High dust protection

    DC high-power switch for power tools with Li-Ion battery

    • Switching capacity up to 36 V/25 A
    • With integrated battery management
    • Current and temperature monitoring battery / motor
    • Dust and vibration protection
    • With operating panel, working LED and battery adapter

    DC potentiometer switch

    • Stepless, smooth speed selection
    • High power density
    • Signal level L-/R function
    • High dust protection (IP 50), IP 56 upon request
    • Customer-specific adaptations on request

    BLDC control with integrated battery monitoring

    • Electronic control for 3-phase BLDC motors
    • Integrated throttle switch with changeover function
    • Easy integration into existing systems
    • Easy integration into existing ideal cooling systems due to different cooling element types
    • Monitoring of battery voltage, overcurrent, battery temperature and MOSFET temperature


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