Business Conditions

    Conditions of delivery and payment

    Marquardt companies: Germany, Tunisia and India

    Marquardt GmbH, Marquardt Logistik GmbH, Marquardt Service GmbH, Marquardt Management SE, E&C Testlab GmbH, KRISTRONICS GmbH, Marquardt Lightronics GmbH, Marquardt Systronics GmbH

    Marquardt Automotive Tunisie S.A.R.L.

    Marquardt India Pvt. Ltd

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    Marquardt France S.a.r.l.

    Marquardt Switches Inc.

    Marquardt Switches (Shanghai) Co., Ltd.

    Purchasing conditions

    Marquardt companies: Germany, France und Tunisia

    Romania: Marquardt Schaltsysteme S.C.S

    USA: Marquardt Switches, Inc.

    Mexico: Marquardt México, S. DE R.L. DE C.V.

    China: Marquardt Switches Co., Ltd.

    India: Marquardt India Pvt. Ltd.

    Macedonia: Marquardt Macedonia Dooel