Drive of the future: hydrogen

    Drive of the future: hydrogen

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    Our Drive: self-sufficient and
    sustainable with hydrogen

    Zero emissions in Europe by 2050? This will not be possible with green electricity alone. As the second important pillar of the energy transition, we at Marquardt are focusing on green hydrogen.

    Its applications are versatile and complement purely electric solutions. Green electricity is efficient and readily available. But there are hardly any storage capacities available in the power grid. Hydrogen, on the other hand, can be transported in large quantities over long distances and stored temporarily for any length of time.

    With our sensors and control units, we already supply key components for fuel cell systems. From cell voltage monitoring at the fuel cell to DC/DC converters and monitoring of the H2 tank system, we are working on the safety of hydrogen systems.

    Battery management systems from Marquardt are already in high demand with automotive manufacturers around the world. The same components are also used in prototype construction for fuel cell systems. This is because fuel cell and battery systems have a lot in common. We combine the best of both and create a common architecture. This is how hydrogen systems become suitable for series production.

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    One construction kit for battery and fuel cell

    Components, sensors or controllers: the hardware of battery and fuel cell systems is almost identical. Marquardt is working on a common platform for both systems to combine them. In the white paper we outline what the Scaleable Modular Kit is all about.

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    Years of experience

    As an expert for battery management systems, we are the preferred partner for world market leaders in electric drives. Our know-how benefits us in fuel cell systems, because the components and safety requirements are very similar.

    Sustainably mobile

    Europe wants to be climate-neutral by 2050. This will inevitably require new mobility solutions. The "waste product" of a hydrogen drive is water vapor. The energy carrier is environmentally compatible and can be stored and transported in large quantities


    Hydrogen drives are often not economical, but have a long range. With battery systems, the reverse is true. By combining the systems, we create cost advantages and enable applications suitable for series production beyond heavy-duty transport.

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