Crystal Display Switch


    For a new era of car interiors

    Welcome to a new era of automotive interior design! In close cooperation with Swarovski Mobility, we at Marquardt have developed the Crystal Display Switch. This switching element surprises with a completely new display concept and thus not only raises the car interior to a new level, but also defines next-generation luxury and innovation.

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    The initial product presentation and first insights were already given during the launch of our DemoCar 2.0 - so perhaps the Crystal Display Switch is already familiar to you. This illustrates the influences that megatrends - from electromobility and digitalisation to networking and autonomous driving - will have on the vehicle interior of tomorrow.
    On the one hand, novel technical features will be demonstrated, and on the other, the DemoCar 2.0 will provide an answer to the question of what the "mobile living room" of the future might look like.

    The Crystal Display Switch is one of many elements - but what the background behind this idea was and how the cooperation with Swarovski Mobility came about is what we would like to tell you in this magazine story.

    Crystals and technology merge:
    A vision becomes reality

    The story behind the Crystal Display Switch began with a visionary idea from Felix Hake, who works as a product manager in the innovation department at Marquardt. When he thought about the potential of displays and their possible applications, he recognised the need for an element that would present displays in a new way in the vehicle and at the same time have a controllable operating interface. His idea was to create a display that not only provides information, but is also an eye-catcher in the vehicle interior when inactive.
    The vision was born - a control element that uses reflections to create a completely new form of impression and unexpected content.

    From idea to reality:
    Pioneering work in materials and technology

    Together with Dr. Wolfgang Käfer, systems engineer at Marquardt, and a creative project team, the development of the first samples began. The first proof-of-concept models were created in the Marquardt Research Centre - initially still made of specially processed, transparent plastic. This approach was chosen in order to quickly get a first impression of the visual impact of the reflections and the effect and to be able to start selecting a suitable display accordingly in a timely manner. The development phases were carefully documented and pictures of early prototypes show the exciting journey of a fast, iterative process from idea to reality.

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    [Translate to CN:] [Translate to EN:] Erste Proof-of-Concept-Modelle - Tests mit Kristall und Steuerung über drehbare Walzen

    A masterpiece of technology and design

    The result - the Crystal Display Switch - is more than just a technical gadget. It is a design element that redefines the boundaries of car interiors. Through its clever integration into a real glass object and the almost invisible placement of the displays, it creates an aura of sophistication and innovation. When the display is activated at the ends of the steering wheel, vehicle information and menu navigation are reflected in the Swarovski crystal. The crystal's coatings also prevent unwanted reflections or other optical interference, so that the display content is shown to the viewer in the best possible way. When switched off, an optically almost empty crystal can be realised by additional processing of the crystal.
    The two crystals are controlled by rotating rollers - a deliberately chosen contrast to the digital touch surfaces prevalent today.

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    In the first Democar still a large curved glass surface, now a shiny crystal - both are already used by OEMs.

    Dr. Wolfgang Käfer
    Systems Engineer

    The exceptional quality and innovative design of the Crystal Display Switch were recognised not only by industry experts, but also by a renowned German car manufacturer. By nominating the Crystal Display Switch for its Innovation and Design Award, the car manufacturer confirmed that Marquardt and Swarovski Mobility had hit the mark with their innovative product.
    With the unique radiance of Swarovski crystals and Marquardt's technological masterpiece, the future of motoring will shine in crystal-clear light - in every respect.

    We at Marquardt are looking forward to future projects in which we can contribute our Crystal Display Switch and in which we can provide further impulses for the vehicle of tomorrow!

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    Partnership with Swarovski Mobility:
    A collaboration that shines

    Marquardt's expertise combined with the superior quality of Swarovski crystals was the key to success of the Crystal Display Switch. Swarovski, worldwide known for its precise crystal cutting, was excited about the vision and potential of this project from the very beginning. The cooperation with Swarovski Mobility, an automotive subsidiary of Swarovski, resulted in a perfect combination of advanced technology and classic elegance for a future control element in the automotive market.