Cross-industry synergies

    The mechatronics specialist has decades of experience as an innovative partner to the automotive and power tool industries. Thomas Hengstler, Global Key Account Manager Off-Road at Marquardt, explains, “In the agricultural machinery sector, the trend today goes towards high-tech operating components whose complexity, versatility and appearance must meet similar requirements to those of car manufacturers. With our know-how, we can create cross-industry synergies that benefit customers from all sectors. In doing so we serve the whole spectrum of components, from rocker switches up to highly modern digital solutions.”

    Global footprint with local touch

    The components for agricultural machines are usable worldwide because Marquardt is well positioned internationally with their production locations in four continents. The company produces in the market for the market, which is a proven recipe for success that has also paid off in other business segments. “Due to the short distances to our customers on site, we can develop specific solutions in close dialogue, which then also fit the respective field of application of the agricultural machine.” says Thomas Hengstler. Since the climatic and geographical conditions in Africa and Asia are known to be quite different from those in North America and Europe, production and development face different challenges. Developing countries place the highest priority in robustness and functionality, while customers in industrialized countries have an additional focus on design. Marquardt's close proximity to the customer markets also better-enables it to take culture-specific differences into account, such as the wishes of Chinese customers, who sometimes have different design requirements from those of Europeans.

    Efficiency and individuality through platforms

    Marquardt follows a worldwide platform approach for operating components. In doing so the development times are shortened and the flexibility on the market increased. At the same time there is enough scope to offer customized solutions that fall into accordance with the customer needs. This way, departments in China or the USA are developing production versions for these markets and are already focusing today on the agricultural machinery cockpit of tomorrow. The future solutions of the HMI expert include for example the Marquardt central control unit with an interactive touch screen that gives the user tactile feedback when a function is triggered. This is especially helpful when working in a field where vibrations and noise complicate functionality. One benefit of this display solutions with closed glass surfaces is that they are dust and waterproof, allowing them to be easily cleaned.

    Radio remote controls that control the functions of a machine outside of the cab, such as the winch on a tractor or the nozzles of a field sprayer, are an increasing demanded among agricultural engineers. Even more interesting are the drive authorization systems that unlock the machines for specific user groups, in addition to telemetry. Operating data and time can be tracked, which is relevant in regard to accounting procedures for subcontractors. As a partner of leading brands, Marquardt develops integrated digital solutions for the agriculture industry and helps to shape the future of farmer-machine-interfaces.

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