Product picture of the electronic component carrier

    Electronic Component Carrier

    For side doors, trunk doors, hoods


    The Electronic Component Carrier (ECC) can be used in a wide range of applications. Our ECC is available with single or multiple switches, with or without mechanical functions, and customer-specific connectors, ensuring that they meet our customers unique needs.

    At Marquardt we understand the importance of cost-effective assembling without compromising quality and durability. That's why a Marquardt ECC is designed to be both cost-effective and of superior quality. Our ECC can be perfectly combined with the Sealed Connector Switch 1025 and the Micro Signal Switch.

    Electronic Component Carrier (ECC)

    product picture of the Electronic component carrier module
    • Single or Multiple Switches
    • With or without mechanical functions
    • Customer-specific connector area
    • Quality and durability
    • Bundling of ECC with Marquardt switches
    • IP 67 Protection

    Much more, the ECC is also available in combination with our Micro Signal Switch or Sealed Connector Switch 1025. This ECC is adapted to customer-specific requirements. In addition, a customer can implement several switches or even mechanical functions in the ECC.

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