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    Where your apprenticeship will take place

    2019 Marquardt opened one of the most cutting-edge training centres in the region. Your apprenticeship will be conducted in the new Marquardt development and innovation center, which will offer optimum conditions to equip participants for the rapidly-growing challenges of the working world – a teaching workshop that plays in the Champions League, both in terms of the quality training and technology. An overall area of more than 1,000 square meters will offer space to learn, develop ideas, work on projects and much more. The training center is centrally located on the company’s premises with a company restaurant just next door for breaks.



    Your ticket to cross-disciplinary further training during your apprenticeship! We are willing to help you expand your expertise through courses and workshops outside of the apprenticeship curriculum, too.

    International focus

    Gain experience during an internship at one of our foreign locations. To ensure that you are well prepared for working life in a global company, you will also receive English lessons in the company.

    Tailored support

    Problems? Be it individual consultation, or a seminar, here at Marquardt, we look for tailored solutions!

    Family-friendly training

    Marquardt offers young mothers and fathers the opportunity to combine training and parenthood with part-time courses and flexible working hours.

    Elite training

    Apprentices with outstanding performance will receive special attention in this mentoring program. This does not just mean special rewards, it can also mean participation in international projects.

    Eat well and healthily

    In our own restaurant you are at fair prices – because a balanced diet is important to us!

    Fuel for thought

    If your grades are particularly good, you will be rewarded with a fuel voucher worth between €40 and €80 or free use of our E-Smart for 4 weeks.


    Apprentices and students (DHBW) will have the chance to go on an apprentice excursion in their second year. We combine the company tour with a range of leisure activities, which includes a trip to the Europa-Park in Rust.

    Life-long learning

    Our apprentices spend one or two weeks at the "Lebenshilfe Tuttlingen" organization on a voluntary basis where they gain valuable social skills through their interaction with people with disabilities.


    Portrait photo of Steffen Rudischhauser, training manager at Marquardt

    You will always have someone to turn to. We pair you with competent mentors that you can turn to throughout the duration of your training. Our training team and the mentors in our various specialist departments have all the necessary experience and specialist expertise and are happy to help. What’s more, all apprentices are assigned a sponsor from the second year of the apprenticeship and onwards.

    Steffen Rudischhauser, Head of Training


    We appreciate our apprentices for the in-house training they receive, and therefore, Marquardt apprentice graduates are more valuable and have a higher chance at employment. Post-apprenticeship options are discussed ahead of time. We also hold an end-of-apprenticeship party to properly celebrate your success!

    Ready for takeoff: Jump-start your career

    To ensure you get the best start to your career, we kick-off the program with an introductory event on the very first day. During the welcome event, you and the other new trainees will receive the information you need, as well as a preview of the days to come. In the first week, you will attend a three-day outdoor seminar to have a chance to get to know the other participants, which we hope will instill a feeling of togetherness. A relaxed atmosphere, team building and fun are the order of the day.

    Group photo of the new training year: Marquardt welcomes 28 new trainees and students today.

    Welcome to the team

    On September 1, 2023, 28 new trainees and DHBW students had their first day at the company.

    Sweat beads, downpours and team spirit

    is the motto of our annual outdoor seminar. Here are a few impressions from one of our team events in the Swabian Alb.

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    Three people have gathered for a meeting around a high table.

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