Dynamic Light

    Dynamic Light

    The new dimension in truck communication

    Dynamic Light

    Dynamic Light

    The new dimension in truck communication

    Dynamic Light

    Dynamic Light

    The new dimension in car communication

    Light – at Marquardt it is more than just an ambiance

    Lighting concepts increasingly play an important role inside vehicles. We embrace the trend and offer the automotive industry a wide range of interior lighting products to give every car an individual look. But Marquardt does more with the light. In addition to creating a pleasant atmosphere, it also provides extra convenience and safety. We develop lighting systems that turn light into a dynamic control element. This module integrates functional lighting, HMI unit and ambient lighting in a single module to perform specific tasks. This is shown in the Application Light example: With touch sensors and direct light feedback the lighting becomes a modern, intuitive functional concept. As a result, Marquardt takes the vehicle interior to a new level in terms of both appearance and technology.

    True beauty comes from within

    Light turns a house into a home. This also applies when a user opens the refrigerator door or dishwasher with lighting solutions by Marquardt. Our high performance LED interior lighting for washing machines, tumble dryers and other household appliances makes operation easier and more energy efficient. Thanks to their low power consumption, they perfectly illuminate the washing machine drum, for example, so that no sock can hide while unloading it. Also, comprehensive lighting of the dishwasher makes loading and unloading the baskets noticeably easier. There are up to eight replaceable lighting modules in the refrigerator to illuminate the interior evenly and pleasantly. These lighting concepts make household appliances even more attractive. And cast housework in the right light.

    Overview of industries


    Household appliances

    Overview of products

    Dynamic Light

    • Individually controllable LEDs
    • Almost any color can be displayed
    • Light as a function: Intelligent comfort and safety functions
    • Static and dynamic ambient lighting such as running lights
    • Dynamic adaptation in several areas of the car interior

    Lighting system

    View from above into the driver's cab of the Democar 2.0 from Marquardt. Interactive displays and lighting elements (Dynamic Light) are installed in the model. The lights glow green and turquoise. The colors of the light strips reflect different functions.
    • Further development of the lighting element into a control panel
    • Integration of ambient lighting, functional lighting and HMI operation in one module
    • Touch sensor technology with direct illumination provides new operating and functional concept
    • Intuitive and flexible with different color contents and easy operation

    Dishwasher lighting system

    • Small design for easy integration into existing systems
    • Energy-efficient solution
    • Luminous flux 41 lm (@ 100mA)
    • Color temperature 4,700 - 7,000 K or individually, according to customer requirements
    • Double insulation for protection class 2
    • Customized lenses, colors and designs possible

    Drum lighting system

    • Double insulation and material according to IEC 60335
    • Appealing illumination with 90 lm LED
    • Compact structure
    • Installation in bellows

    Refrigerator lighting system

    • Flat assembly in the side wall of the appliance
    • Uniform attractive lighting
    • Up to eight replaceable LEDs


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