Quality Management with Sense(s)

    To advance innovations, to continue to progress, to always look ahead: That is our promise. At Marquardt, progress is not limited to being among the first. We have only achieved our objective when we have developed the best solution.

    Perfection is our Target. That is Our Quality.

    True mastery is tangible and can be seen, felt, and heard. This concept does not only apply in the art world – within the field of mechatronics, quality is also a sensory experience. For example, whether or not a control element clicks when pressed, the electronic steering column lock engages gently when the vehicle is parked, a tool switch fits to the thumb ergonomically and switches off automatically in the event of danger... These are the seemingly small feats that matter if you want to achieve success.

    We make quality tangible.

    To do this, we use our senses. "Use your Senses" is the name of our internal exhibition that gives employees the opportunity to test switches and operating elements for usability. Since 2016, the show has traveled to all locations and has raised the awareness of the entire Marquardt Group regarding the philosophy that drives our company: perfection in the smallest details.

    Guided by a positive-error culture, we test and optimize product and process quality at every stage of a product's lifecycle, from development to series production and shipping. And we take specific measures to ensure we achieve quantifiable success in quality management. For example, in order to increase our customer satisfaction even further, we launched an internal competition, which has resulted in a considerable reduction in production errors and a significant reduction in the response-time to complaints. This is quality management that reaches the (end) customer. 


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