We put the Future at your Fingertips

    Can cars sense and respond to how the driver is feeling at a specific moment in time? Can warning systems perceive how dangerous a situation really is and make autonomous driving safe? Can dishwashers think for themselves and thereby achieve better results? Whether it’s in the field of (e-)mobility, the smart home or the Internet of Things, Marquardt connects man and machine with intelligent, electronic and electromechanical systems and components. That’s how we make life easier. For our customers. And for our customers’ customers. While the end user may not know there’s a piece of Marquardt integrated in their car or household appliance, they’ll certainly feel the progressive benefits. Because Marquardt puts the future at your fingertips.

    To All Those Reaching for the Stars:
    We’ve Got the Ladder.

    At Marquardt, the best of three worlds (namely mechanics, electronics and information technology) merge to form a holistic solution. Leading brands from the automotive, electronics and power tool industries rely on us as experts in interactive mechatronics. Because our passion for innovative technologies is what drives us. And, working together with our partners, we consistently look for ways to turn big ideas into reality. Take our aspirations to develop the world’s most secure drive authorization system or implement a battery management system that maximizes the range of electric cars and increases the durability of batteries at the same time, for example. We believe that success is all about putting a smile on users’ faces. Worldwide.

    What Makes Us Special
    Makes You Especially Successful.

    Every single human being has special characteristics that set them apart from the rest. Companies are no different. These are the qualities and skills that make us who we are and help our customers move forward:

    Creative mechatronics expert

    Our main task is to intelligently combine mechanics, electronics and software – and innovative solutions are our business.

    Partner of leading brands

    Major, world-renowned companies rely on our expertise and experience.

    Worldwide on site

    We take the concept of customer proximity literally. Since we use local expertise worldwide to personally support your project.

    Global family company

    We are a family-run business that proves day after day that progressive thinking and a down-to-earth attitude aren’t opposites and that each of our 10.000 employees worldwide is part of the family.

    Passionate developers for the future

    Just like our customers, we love new things and do everything we can to help shape tomorrow with new ideas.


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