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    The most innovative power tool is useless if its switching systems cannot withstand high loads. At Marquardt, we ensure that tools and users do not have to worry about stress testing. Durability, dust and vibration protection are guaranteed at Marquardt. As a partner of leading brands, we are the world market leader for power tool switches. And because we think proactively, so do our products: Marquardt switching systems are highly integrated mechatronics solutions that can, for example, take over the complete management of lithium-ion batteries. The modular structure of many product series also makes individually designed solutions possible. With software-based in-house developments, we guarantee that our customers' end products become even more user-friendly, powerful, safe and durable.


    AC mechatronic switch for large angle grinders

    • Bipolar contact system for safe switch-off
    • Integrated full wave electronics (micro controller)
    • Restart protection through zero voltage detection
    • For devices with an input power of up to 2.7 kW
    • Overload and blocking protection
    • High dust protection

    DC high-power switch for power tools with Li-Ion battery

    • Switching capacity up to 36 V/25 A
    • With integrated battery management
    • Current and temperature monitoring battery / motor
    • Dust and vibration protection
    • With operating panel, working LED and battery adapter

    DC potentiometer switch

    • Stepless, smooth speed selection
    • High power density
    • Signal level L-/R function
    • High dust protection (IP 50), IP 56 upon request
    • Customer-specific adaptations on request

    BLDC control with integrated battery monitoring

    • Electronic control for 3-phase BLDC motors
    • Integrated throttle switch with changeover function
    • Easy integration into existing systems
    • Easy integration into existing ideal cooling systems due to different cooling element types
    • Monitoring of battery voltage, overcurrent, battery temperature and MOSFET temperature


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