Drive authorization systems


    • Customer-specific key design
    • Highly integrated electronics with self-developed ASICs
    • Proven Marquardt system with excellent interference immunity
    • Innovative RF multi-channel technology to improve reliability
    • Fully integrated 3D transponder with a function range of 10 cm

    Start-stop systems

    • From simple switches to highly integrated system solutions
    • Customized design
    • Individual surface design
    • High-precision and robust construction
    • Valuable lighting

    Control devices, antennas

    • With coordinated components to the perfect system
    • Highly integrated functions, thus smaller assembly space
    • Can be used for various bus systems (CAN, LIN, Flexray, MOST etc.)
    • Three-antenna system for medium-sized vehicles, four antennas for large vehicles and SUVs

    Door handle sensors

    • Innovative capacitive proximity sensors
    • Highly integrated space-saving technology, can be integrated into any door handle
    • With and without NFC antenna / interface
    • Can be used for various bus systems (CAN, LIN, PLC)
    • With dust and water protection IP 67

    Electronic steering column locks

    • Theft protection at the highest level
    • Decades of experience
    • More than 100 billion hours of field operation
    • Highest security standard according to ASIL-D

    Keyless access via near field communication (NFC)

    • Contactless communication for easy connection to smartphones, smart cards or similar devices
    • Wearables or smartcards as car keys

    Smart access

    • Assigning driving authorization to mobile phones
    • Booking via computer or smartphone
    • Mobile phone or smartcard as a car key
    • Secure communication equivalent to financial transactions
    • Control of vehicle functions and data
    • Special self-developed smart(phone) connection modules for use in vehicles


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