[Translate to EN:] Product Image of the Low Pressure Sensor by Marquardt. The background shows the inside of a laundry drum in which the water is standing. The sensor is used to regulate the water level.

    Make home appliances more efficient

    More accurate than before: We present our new generation of Low Pressure Sensors for water level detection.

    Sustainability through precision

    With its mechatronic competence, Marquardt is a specialist for sensors which have everything under control: Temperature, turbidity, water consumption, detergent concentration and flow rate are measured in washing machines and dishwashers. The result is not only radiant cleanliness of laundry and dishes, but also a significant reduction in resource consumption. This way the consumer saves money and the environment is protected.

    New energy guidelines present major challenges for manufacturers of household installations for heating and air-conditioning. Here, too, Marquardt is leading the way: We develop sensors which measure the flow and pressure of air, gas and water in heating, air-conditioning and sanitary systems as well as in heat pumps and solar thermal systems. The components are approved, among other things, for use in drinking water treatment plants. Marquardt offers various technologies from turbine driven to non-contact flow measurement, all of which have one thing in common: you get quality.

    Overview of industries

    Household appliances

    Building technology & HVAC

    Cleaning technology

    Drive technology

    Overview of products

    Ultrasonic Flow sensor

    Productpicture of the Ultrasonic FLow sensor by Marquardt infront of a concrete wall

    Flow sensor

    • Measuring medium air, gas, water
    • Wide measuring range of the flow rate
    • Drinking water suitable with WRAS and KTW approval
    • Compact design
    • Individual adjustment of the pulse rate for different applications
    • High signal accuracy
      >> Get more technical details about our flow sensors

    Level sensor

    • Compact design
    • Exact level measurement
    • 2.5 snap-in connection

    Pressure sensor

    Product Image of Low Pressure Sensor by Marquardt.





    Turbidity sensor

    • Optical turbidity measurement via transmitted or scattered light measurement
    • Streamlined design
    • Color-independent measurement
    • Additional temperature measurement can be integrated
    • Variable signal output
    • High signal accuracy

    3D sensor

    • Contactless magnetic distance sensor
    • Simultaneous detection of three spatial directions
    • Precise load and unbalance measurement

    Pressure sensor

    • Measurement of pressure, filling level and flow by means of differential pressure
    • Integrated temperature compensation, programmable output curve
    • Three programmable switching outputs possible
    • Analog, frequency or PWM output signal

    Hydraulic module

    • Functional assembly for hydraulic unit in heaters
    • Integrated flow sensor
    • Can be equipped with water pressure sensor
    • High economic efficiency due to low weight and simple installation
    • Suitability for drinking water


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