Clean performance

    The market for cleaning applications places high demands on its suppliers in terms of flexibility, technical competence and competitiveness. Marquardt meets these challenges with a broad range of products that is constantly being expanded by numerous new developments. Our solutions include standard switches and innovative sensors, control panels and complex control electronics, which can also be tailored to customer-specific requirements. The development process is based on decades of experience and knowledge gained through constant dialog with our customers. What we have achieved: Cleaning devices meeting or exceeding the expectations of their users.

    Operating components (HMI)

    Control unit

    • With dust and water protection IP
    • Optimized actuation characteristics
    • Complete module with cable assembly
    • Optionally available with integrated electronics

    Vacuum cleaner operating unit

    • Attractive design with touch technology
    • Uniform illumination of the symbols with good visibility
    • Easy to clean



    Pressure sensor

    • Pressure measurement with membrane and Hall sensor principle
    • Robust structure
    • Different variants of measuring range, output signal, supply voltage and mechanical and electrical connection
    • Integrated temperature compensation
    • Customer-specific programmable output signal characteristic curve


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