Battery management system 12V

    • Compact all-in-one system with current sensor and switch element
    • For recuperative applications
    • Suitable for various bus systems (CAN, LIN)

    Battery management system 48V

    • For hybrid vehicles
    • Compact system optionally with current sensor and switch element
    • On-board diagnostic capable
    • With CAN bus interface
    • Integration of AUTOSAR standard software
    • Available for different cell types

    Battery management system 400V

    • For electric vehicles and plug-in hybrids
    • Modular, scalable platform
    • System consists of three functional units: Cell module controller, battery management controller and battery junction box
    • Combination of functional units possible according to application


    • Modular, scalable platform
    • For electric vehicles and charging stations
    • Long-lasting system with up to 100.000 locking cycles
    • Detection of various locking states possible

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    Long live the battery!

    The battery is the heart of the electric car – and an Achilles’ heel at the same time. After all, what good is the most powerful lithium-ion battery if it fails or is even damaged due to heat, cold or high loading? For many car buyers, the fear surrounding limited range is the main argument against buying an electric vehicle. But if you want to convince customers, you have to provide answers. Just like Marquardt: the company has developed a key technology for e-mobility with its new battery management systems.

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