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    #Futuredevelopers - Marquardt´s career program for software developers

    A tractor on a field. The picture shows the driver's cab. It uses dynamic light by marquardt.


    Efficient and innovative products for tomorrow's agricultural technology. Already now!

    Dynamic Light

    Dynamic Light

    Communicative ambient lighting from Marquardt



    The key to new opportunities

    Trust is key

    Trust is key

    The automotive door handle sensor S3

    At Marquardt, we are experts in interactive mechatronics and provide user-friendly interfaces between man and machine in innumerable areas of life. Whether you open your car or drive it, whether you start your power tool or control your heating, every day you are in contact with Marquardt. Additionally, we already developed many innovations today that will be available on the global market in the next few years. This is how we put the future at your fingertips. Admittedly, we are still working on the solution for a few challenges, but we have made one definite commitment for the benefit of our customers:
    If it's controllable in the future, it's by Marquardt!

    Our solutions

    [Translate to EN:] A person has opened the Marquardt 3D Product World on its laptop. The picture shows the persons' hand using the keyboard to navigate the app.

    Discover our e-mobility portfolio in a 3D product world

    Marquardt is driving the change in mobility. To this end, we supply solutions in the field of battery-electric drives - from battery and fuel cell management to interactive charging solutions. In our virtual product world, we show you how our components work together to make e-vehicles safe and durable.

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