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    If a washing machine decides by itself how much detergent is needed for a particular load, it often uses pumps and sensors by Marquardt. Our dosing pump delivers the precise amount of liquid detergent dispensed in milliliters and fully automatically for each individual wash or rinse cycle in washing machines and dishwashers. Marquardt uses the proven piston pump principle. The viscosity of the detergent has only a minor effect on the pumping capacity, i.e. whether viscous or inviscid fluids, the pump works both reliably and with the high speed stability of the drive, whereby a simple time control is sufficient. In this way, the dosing pump becomes a useful control instrument for every machine. This not only keeps the laundry clean, but also the environment.

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    Household appliances

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    Dosing pump

    • Precise, demand-oriented dosing to the milliliter
    • Low viscosity dependence of the pump
    • High speed stability of the actuator, hereby simple time control is sufficient


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