Marquardt offers a wide range of components to suit different applications. Whether installed in automobiles, off-road vehicles, trucks, cleaning applications or in building technology, all components have one thing in common: They are tailored to the needs of their users and the demands of their environment. The quality of our operating controls can be seen at first glance. And with the first touch, because only what feels good is good. That is why we place special emphasis on high-quality design and ergonomic feel, but also on durability and reliability.

    Overview of products

    Together with its customers, Marquardt designs the ideal version for each model. In order to achieve this, our engineers are normally integrated in the design phase. They respond to specific customer requirements, but also contribute actively from the very outset – with their creativity, competence, inventiveness and experience. The objective is always to produce an end product that is cast from a single mold.

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