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    Excellence starts in purchasing

    What would a star chef be without his exquisite ingredients? What would a mansion be without high-quality building materials? Only those who value quality can truly provide great quality. For example, purchasing, therefore, has a key role to play in the success of our company in terms of innovation, quality assurance, process coordination and value compass.

    When it comes to technology leadership, we apply the same high-standards to our suppliers as we do to our customers. Our purchasing department is as value-oriented as the Marquardt company as a whole. Long-term partnerships, quality awareness, sustainable management and mindfulness of responsibility towards society and the environment are the norm at Marquardt.

    Three purchasing employees are sitting at a table in an office and hold a meeting.

    Together is the goal

    We collaborate with our suppliers to determine efficient solutions in order to continuously optimize the services Marquardt provides in development and production. Continuing to improve and develop cannot be a one-way street. It can only be achieved through dialog. For us, transparent communication in conjunction with the integration of our partners into the product development process early on, has proved to be essential for the success of our cooperation. We are convinced that this will ultimately benefit all sides.

    Our requirements for cooperation

    Common values

    Long-term partnership, Responsibility towards society and the environment, Quality awareness for the creation of premium products and the will to continuously improve


    Technical leader and innovative

    Norms and standards

    Quality management ideally according to IATF 16949 or ISO 9001, environmental management according to ISO 14001, energy management according to ISO 50001 and occupational health and safety according to ISO 45001

    Product development and project management

    Active involvement in product development, contribution of technological know-how, structured project management and strong focus on quality, costs, environmental protection and deadlines

    Cost efficiency

    Competitive prices, continuous improvement of cost structures and initiative to improve efficiency and costs

    Supply Chain competences

    On-time delivery, efficient logistics systems, Processing of consignment and kanban, delivery to all Marquardt plants, flexibility for short-term requirements and ability to exchange data electronically


    Financial stability and preventive risk management system


    Commitment to quality and productivity and compliance with concluded contracts

    Supplier Integration

    Do you have questions about our worldwide procurement conditions? Or about our guidelines for suppliers? You can find the answers here.

    things to know for suppliers
    Two women and a man stand in front of a large touch-display to enquire about the company Marquardt.

    Purchasing Portfolio

    The employees of Group Procurement are responsible for the procurement of a broad spectrum of raw materials, parts and assemblies, as well as non-production resources and services for our locations worldwide.

    Overview procurement portfolio
    Overview of the logistics centre at Marquardt in Rietheim-Weilheim. In front of a grey hall, you can see the delivery zone.

    Time slot management

    At the Marquardt Logistik GmbH location in Rietheim, long wait times are now a thing of the past. With the Cargoclix time slot management system, you can book your logistics appointments months in advance and plan your tour with pinpoint accuracy.

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