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    Marquardt is a competent system partner and supports leading brands for building technology, heating, ventilation and air-conditioning. We support our customers from the development of a product to series production. Marquardt offers innovative switches, sensors and systems for the building technology and HVAC industries. End devices are more efficient, more reliable and more resource-saving with our intelligent products. And: They also feel better. Because ultimately it is not only technical features, but also design, haptics and user-friendliness that are decisive for the end customer.

    Operating components (HMI)

    Knob HMI


    Say hello to a next-level haptical user experience.

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    Room control unit

    • Wired or wireless (WIFI) communication with heating control system
    • 4.3“ or 5“ full color TFT display
    • Attractive and high-quality designs with excellent haptics
    • Turn/press control for user-friendly operation
    • Integrated proximity sensor as wake-up function
    • Intuitive menu navigation

    Boiler control unit

    • For wall-hanging gas boilers and heat pumps
    • Beautiful design and outstanding haptics
    • Design, industrialization and series production from a single source


    Pushbutton switch

    • Versions with dust and water protection IP 65 /
      IP 67
    • Single- and double-pole in the same compact design
    • Optionally with illumination (LED, glow lamp and bulb)
    • Double lifting, powerful switching system for currents up to 16 A

    Rocker switch

    • Extremely reliable, self-cleaning snap-action switching system
    • With dust and water protection IP 66 / IP 68
    • Wide range of models for a wide range of applications
    • Up to four built-in LEDs for numerous lighting variations
      >> More Details about Snap-Action-Switch

    Snap-action switch

    • With dust and water protection IP 67
    • Built-in separating aid for contact welding
    • Possible with cable assembly
    • Broad switch capacity spectrum


    Ultrasonic Flow sensor

    Productpicture of the Ultrasonic FLow sensor by Marquardt infront of a concrete wall
    • Toucheless, ultra-accurate detection of liquid flow and temperature in heating and water circuits
    • Compact and robust for a long life
    • Modular design for easy customization

    Flow sensor

    • Measuring medium air, gas, water
    • Wide measuring range of the flow rate
    • Drinking water suitable with WRAS and KTW approval
    • Compact design
    • Individual adjustment of the pulse rate for different applications
    • High signal accuracy
      >> Get more technical details about our flow sensors

    Pressure sensor

    Product Image of Low Pressure Sensor by Marquardt.





    Turbidity sensor

    • Optical turbidity measurement via transmitted or scattered light measurement
    • Streamlined design
    • Color-independent measurement
    • Additional temperature measurement can be integrated
    • Variable signal output
    • High signal accuracy

    Hydraulic module

    • Functional assembly for hydraulic unit in heaters
    • Integrated flow sensor
    • Can be equipped with water pressure sensor
    • High economic efficiency due to low weight and simple installation
    • Suitability for drinking water


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