Compliance at Marquardt

    With success, the corporate responsibility grows

    Marquardt is an independent, globally active company. Our history stretches back over decades, during which different business areas have emerged. Over the years, the corporate responsibility that we bear towards our employees, business partners and society as well as towards the environment has also grown. This includes, for example, that the entire Marquardt Group complies with applicable laws at all times and in all places, respects fundamental ethical values and acts sustainably.

    We participate in various formats (memberships, working groups, etc.) in order to continuously cultivate the topics of compliance and sustainability (corporate responsibility). Human rights, labor standards, environmental protection and anti-corruption are indisputable principles to which we are comprehensively committed. In addition to the legal requirements, Marquardt has also imposed its own guidelines in this regard. Acting responsibly at all times is our top priority.

    Code of Conduct

    The sustainable success and good reputation of Marquardt are essentially shaped by the fact that each individual always behaves with integrity, transparency and integrity. This applies equally to the management, employees and all business partners. To ensure that everyone is aware of the corporate and social responsibility with regard to economic, ecological or social issues, Marquardt provides principles of conduct.

    Whistleblower System

    Integral conduct is not only what we demand of ourselves, but also of our business partners. This ensures the sustainable success of Marquardt. Every individual can contribute to protecting our company. It is not just a matter of complying with the rules. Rather, compliance also means reporting violations at an early stage in order to avert serious (legal) consequences for the Marquardt Group and its employees.

    Marquardt offers many different reporting channels to report compliance violations. You can contact us directly by e-mail ( or phone (+49 7424 99-2002) or use our anonymous electronic whistleblower system.

    Whistleblower system iwhistle

    A submission of hints happens outside of the Marquardt network, around the clock and, if desired, anonymously. Our system works like a two-sided mailbox with one key each, which also enables an anonymous dialog.

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