[Translate to EN:] Bildcollage, die Outdoor Elektrogeräte zeigt, darunter sind mehrere Rasenmäher, ein Laubbläser und eine Heckenschere.

    Enhance your Outdoor Power Equipment

    Smarter, more intuitive, more refined: We deliver brand-defining controls and components customized to your outdoor power and garden tools.

    State-of-the-art electronics for botany enthusiasts

    It is only natural that garden tools should be weatherproof. This applies to Marquardt: Our components installed in garden tools meet the highest requirements for dust and water protection, safety and reliability. Ergonomic design and user-friendliness are also important criteria when developing our complex systems, whether they are innovative standard solutions or customer-specific special designs. Modern radio and control electronics as well as the latest display and visualization technologies provide the user with maximum convenience. This makes us the ideal development partner for manufacturers of gardening and landscaping equipment.

    Operating components (HMI)

    Control unit

    • With dust and water protection IP
    • Optimized actuation characteristics
    • Complete module with cable assembly
    • Optionally available with integrated electronics


    Pushbutton switch

    • Versions with dust and water protection IP 65 /
      IP 67
    • Single- and double-pole in the same compact design
    • Optionally with illumination (LED, glow lamp and bulb)
    • Double lifting, powerful switching system for currents up to 16 A

    Rocker switch

    • Extremely reliable, self-cleaning snap-action switching system
    • With dust and water protection IP 66 / IP 68
    • Wide range of models for a wide range of applications
    • Up to four built-in LEDs for numerous lighting variations
      >> More Details about Snap-Action-Switch

    Snap-action switch

    • With dust and water protection IP 67
    • Built-in separating aid for contact welding
    • Possible with cable assembly
    • Broad switch capacity spectrum

    Micro-signal switch

    • For signal currents
    • Self-cleaning, redundant contact system with double contact
    • Noiseless switching system with large overtravel
    • Versions with centre 0 position, cable assembly or diagnostic capability
    • With dust and water protection IP 67

    Snap-action switch

    • Compact design with dust- and water-protected switching system
    • Lamp load up to 30 W
    • Push-button guide enables an approach angle of 40°
    • Large selection of connections, auxiliary actuators and mounting types
      >> More details about our snap-action switches



    • For Hybrid/full electric vehicles, fuel cell vehicles, stationary battery systems
    • Based on a modular design 
    • Current and Voltage Measurement Function
    • Isolation Resistance Measurement Function
    • Pyro Switch Ignition
    • ASIL D
    • CAN / ISO SP1 Interface

    Mobile Energy

    • Modular standard memory with two capacities (500 Ah and 1,000 Ah)
    • Different applications for electric scooters to photovoltaic accumulators
    • Exchange system allows battery usage in several systems


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