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    A smart knob to control all household conditions

    Marquardt Knob HMI: a smart control for household appliances


    Whether in washing machines or dryers, the multifunctional rotary-push button from Marquardt offers a high-quality surface design and a comfortable feel.
    • A multifunctional rotary knob with an integrated display
    • An intuitive control solution for electronic household appliances

    Rietheim-Weilheim, Germany, May 2021 – Marquardt is now bringing even greater convenience to a wide range of household appliances. The mechatronics specialist has developed the “Knob HMI,” an intuitive, smart rotary pushbutton with an integrated display that can be used to seamlessly control numerous applications – whether it is the washing machine or dryer, stove or oven, refrigerator or dishwasher, central heating or bathroom temperature control, or any other electronic household appliances. The modular design is also completely customizable to individual adaptations and requests. What makes the Knob HMI all possible is the application’s unique concept: an efficient combination of hardware and software for control, visualization, and a familiar feel.  

    Everything under control at a glance

    Numerous studies conducted in haptics research, which have examined the advantages of rotary controls vs touchscreens, found that people prefer using rotary push buttons, as long as they do not have to think too long and hard about how to use them. Reason being is because the sense of touch is firmly anchored in the human subconscious. Therefore, a product that both looks and feels good does not take long to win over users.

    The design of the Knob HMI is based on these findings, as well as the expertise that Marquardt’s mechatronics specialists have fostered over many years. The knob’s modular technology platform provides customizable graphic displays or additional action information on the knob’s TFT or LCD segment display. Everything is possible – from simple temperature display and control, to complex all-in-one solutions for controlling multiple appliances, such as stoves and ovens.

    Integrating the robust Knob HMI into various home applications is extremely simple. All it takes is a 5 V power supply to act as the data interface to the device – and the manufacturer’s decision as to whether the Knob HMI should be screwed in, clipped on, integrated into the control panel, or even connected as a detachable solution using a magnetic surface.

    The Knob HMI’s design is a singular, closed unit. In other words, it is a specialized, ready-to-use solution for specific tasks. The benefit of this is that manufacturer has a modular, secure application that provides their customers with an instantly recognizable premium user experience.

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