Manufacturers are not limited to current or future models, as the product is available as standard equipment but can also be integrated into existing systems. Therefore, older equipment and fleets can be retrofitted at any time.

    Compatible all-rounder

    For example, the remote control regulates headlights, winches and pumps. The various functions of agricultural machinery can be controlled just as reliably: from balers and fertilizer spreaders to field sprayers and harvesters.  Construction equipment such as concrete pumps, cranes or dump trucks can also be operated comfortably and safely using the Bluetooth control device.  Depending on the mounting position of the CAN gateway, the transmission distance is up to fifty meters, which further increases the range of use.

    Individually configurable

    The design of the product is also versatile: because the functions of the remote control buttons can be configured according to the customer's wishes, the manufacturer is able to deliver "his" remote control. Marquardt can also adapt the design as required. In addition to these functions and optical variations, Marquardt offers more options, such as control via smartphone or tablet instead of BLE remote control. Customers can rely on Marquardt products’ known ruggedness for its remote control and CAN gateway: due to its high IP rating of 67, the device can withstand dust and water and is therefore suitable for outdoor use in a rough environment. That includes 100 percent humidity or operating temperatures from -40 to +85 degrees Celsius.

    Further technical information can be found in our data sheet.

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