One for all: the Interactive Charging Socket from Marquardt adapts to every e-vehicles

    Automated, smart & scalable:
    We simplify Charging of electric vehicles

    For more than a decade Marquardt has already been working on safe and powerful electronic vehicles. Since the market of electric vehicles emerges, the need for easy-to-use and scaleable charging sockets and technologies increases. In this field, Marquardt unifies core technologies like Multifunctional Human Machine Interfaces (HMI), Automation and innovative light components.

    In response to this, Marquardt combines some core technologies into a maximally flexible, reliable and universal charging socket: the Interactive Charging Socket (ICS). This is an intelligent charging system that is easily scalable and transferable to all plug types and charging standards (CCS, ChaoJi, CHAdeMO, GB). 

    Close-up Product-picture that shows the Interactive Charging Socket (ICS) by Marquardt. It is a platform for automated, consumer-friendly and scalable charging of electric vehicles.

    Interactive Charging Socket

    With the Interactive Charging Socket (ICS), we have created a smart and interactive charging solution for e-vehicles. The charging lid opens automatically as soon as the user's hand approaches our door handle sensor S³. Dynamic Light visualises the status of the battery and charging modes during the charging process. We also provide various HMI controls such as a charge termination switch or multifunction buttons. Our solution is user-friendly, but also includes an interface for robotic charging.

    Everything works according to the modular principle: depending on the vehicle class, the ICS can be configured cost-efficiently and freely according to the customer's wishes: From economy with simpler charging equipment to mid-range with more functions to full premium equipment for the luxury segment.

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    Marquardt is a member of the CharIN Association, which sets the global standard for all types of loading vehicles.

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