Marquardt Robotic Charging

    Revolutionizing EV Charging:
    Seamless, Efficient, and Future-Ready.

    Marquardt is at the forefront of pioneering automated charging solutions for electric vehicles, as part of the ROCIN-ECO consortium.
    Our innovative technologies are setting the stage for a sustainable, electrified future, ensuring that EV charging is more accessible, efficient, and user-friendly.

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    Our Mission ...

    ... is to drive innovation in electric vehicle charging by developing cutting-edge automated charging system components that promise efficiency and sustainability.

    Marquardt Robotic Charging

    Marquardt Robotic Charging

    History & Evolution

    Marquardt is a key player in advancing the automated charging process, contributing critical components and technology to enhance the EV charging experience. From the inception of the consortium to the proof of concept of robotic charging stations, our journey is marked by collaboration and technological breakthroughs.

    Our Interactive Charging Solutions

    Automated charging simplifies the EV charging process by using advanced robotics to connect the vehicle to the charging station, eliminating manual effort and reducing charging times. Explore Marquardt's key innovations, such as the automated flap, the E-Lock actuator alongside the Charge Cover Sensor and the IUI module.

    Marquardt E-Lock Robotic CHarging
    • E-Lock

      • Compact charging plug lock

      • Includes a failure-resistant mechanical release

      • Offers up to five different positions for the lock bolt

      • Ideal for electric vehicles and charging stations

      • Ensures maximum safety

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    Marquardt Charge Cover Sensor
    • Charge Cover Sensor

      • Marquardt's S³ capacitive technology

      • Robust and reliable in rain, humidity, ice, and pollution

      • Patented for reliable performance

      • Compact design with up to six sensors

      • Supports NFC types like Apple and Android

    Marquardt IUI Iluminated User Interface Robotic CHarging
    • IUI Module

      • Illuminated user interface

      • All-in-one solution

      • Integrates charge indication lighting

      • Includes a searchlight

      • Features S3-based functional buttons

      • Space-saving design

      • Conforms to all global inlet standards

    Marquardt Motorized Flap Robotic Charging
    • Motorized Flap

      • Essential for automated charging processes

      • Flap opens and closes automatically for the charging access

      • Protects charging interface when not in use

    Our Vehicle Positioning and Communication Solutions


    Discover Marquardt's advanced vehicle positioning and communication technologies, designed to enhance the interaction between electric vehicles (EVs) and robotic charging systems. Our integrated solutions ensure a seamless, secure, and efficient charging experience. Featuring the Smart Access ECU, UWB/BLE Node, Digital Key Module, and a robust Cloud Backend, each component works harmoniously to support precise vehicle localization, secure communication, and reliable digital key management. Embrace the future of automated EV charging with Marquardt's innovative solutions, all compliant with the Car Connectivity Consortium (CCC) standards.

    Marquardt ECU
    • Smart Access ECU

      • Enables secure localization and communication between vehicle and charging robot

      • Ensures the authorized access rights for a specific digital key

      • Car Connectivity 
      Consortium (CCC) conform

      • Controls the UWB/BLE nodes in the vehicle

    • UWB / BLE - Node

      • Enables secure ranging with the charging robot using Ultra-Wideband technology

      • Enables secure communication with the charging robot using Bluetooth Low Energy technology

      • Car Connectivity 
      Consortium (CCC) conform

    Marquardt BLE UWB Module
    • Digital Key Module

      • Enables secure localization and communication between charging robot and vehicle

      • Car Connectivity 
      Consortium (CCC) conform

      • Receiving and storing the digital key to access the automated charging port of the vehicle

    • Cloud / Backend

      • Provides the Digital Key Management

      • Enables Car Connectivity Consortium (CCC) compliant Digital Key Sharing

      • Communicates with the Digital Key Module


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